How To Choose The Right Adult Toy For Your Spouse

Whether it is your first or tenth time, at times the sheer choices in the world out there can make picking the best adult toy a little intimidating and frustrating at the same time. Regardless of gender, most people can be overwhelmed by the volume of choice to span through and narrowing down your search might be tricky.

Nonetheless, before you slip to make a selection, there are a number of factors you need t to consider so that you be sure you are picking the right and perfect plaything. Discussed below are some of the factors you need to know while choosing the best adult toy.

1. Who is using it?

Will the adult toy be used by you or are you buying it as a surprise present for your lover? Are you planning to use it on your own, or you are intending to use it with your partner too? Considering the person who will be using the device will have a great impact on your selection.


For instance, if you know that your partner does not enjoy anal, you should buy an alternative toy for them like vibrators and butt plugs. When choosing an adult toy for your partner, the best option is to choose something smaller that will not get way too much on during sex.

2.The size

It may seem so obvious, however, you will be surprised at the number of people who do not know that taking size into consideration can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to picking the right adult toy, more especially when it comes to things like the girth. If it is your first time buying an adult toy, it is essential to check the product dimensions.

You can grab a tape measure to ensure that you pick the right size as you can rightly picture it. If you love vibrators, try comparing the toy with what you already have.

Notably, it is worthy to note that if you are sizing up, it is critical to take everything slowly. Always remember to use lubes to keep the play comfortable.

3. The material it is made of

At times, it is easy to forget the material the adult toy is made of especially when looking beyond a cursory glance. An adult toy does not only depend on how you use it or the sensational pleasure you derive, but also the material and the type of lube that you can use it with matters.


Also, remember that steel, glass and ceramic toys are hard, thus making it easy for insertion.

4. Storage

Although all the adult toys are rigorously tested to ensure that they are body safe, different materials can act adversely when left side by side to each other. Ensure that when selecting a toy made of rubber or silicone, you have a way of storing them so that they do not touch.

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